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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                     1 November 2007           
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Trick or Truth:  Split-Decision Gives Pastor Prison As Cardinal Covers-Up


After two days of testimony, revealing publicly that Pastor Michael Vincent Crea was raped in 1979 by Richard Doscher at St. Joseph Seminary, a Manhattan jury found Pastor Crea not guilty of trespassing last April 3 at St.Patrick’s Cathedral, as he chanted in prayer for the congregation to “Ask Cardinal Egan to investigate my being raped...”  However, a five women and one man panel said the Pastor’s prayer disrupted the service, despite the many inconsistencies of both prosecution witnesses and a blatant Cathedral cover-up of subpeonaed evidence.


Crea’s case put the Truth on trial, as the pastor’s almost three hours on the stand, came after Cathedral usher Caesar Garcia revealed he had not only written an incident report but that two sets of cameras are recording regularly the Cardinal and Cathedral events.  In the absence of Crea’s counsel Geoffrey Stewart on September 20, another judge ruled against subpeonaing the Cardinal, yet, would order any written or electronic records.  However, James Curran, lawyer for Egan, swore no records existed without Stewart present to object that day. 


On Tuesday, after a heated exchange between Stewart and prosecutor Eli Cherkasky with Curran’s encore denial of such evidence’s existence or being withheld, presiding Judge Melissa Jackson permitted a recall of Garcia.  The usher indicated he wrote a report for supervisor Joe Gallogghly within 30 minutes of Crea’s arrest. Chief of the Cathedral security Kevin Donahue, also apprised of the incident, failed with Garcia in searching records for his report subpeonaed in August.  Garcia admitted that incident reports not only were to be kept for potential court cases but were given to the Rector of the Cathedral and other archdiocesan officials.  The Cardinal’s lawyer’s denials of the evidence were upheld by Judge Jackson, denying Stewart’s adverse motion.


The only report made available to the defense was the police report containing several inaccuracies.  Officer Thomas Dolan reaffirmed his written account of another cop arresting Crea.  He contradicted Garcia’s tale and the Pastor’s testimony.  Stewart asked his client on the stand if he agreed with the account of usher Garcia, who testified also that he never received any training from Cathedral staff, as to his duties in three years.


Step-by-step Pastor Crea pointed out the part-time, bar bouncer and Shea Stadium guard’s own glaring self-contradictions, starting with the procession of over 150 bishops, priests, seminarians and servers only “taking 3-4 minutes.”  Garcia said he was inside the Cathedral but then said he had been outside on break, witnessing a demonstration against the Cardinal’s closing yet another church.  He said he heard the Pastor speak up but did not hear his words.  After running to the location he stated that senior ushers had not acted to deter the Pastor.


Although Garcia testified the Cardinal, not in his eyesight, only paused “about 2 seconds,” the jury applied the letter of the law, even as Pastor Crea explained the virtue of “epikeia” permitting a prayer, such as his, for the common good and morally overruling any standing statute, legal or liturgical.  In testimony Pastor Crea told of his pastoral plan offered for recognition and reparation for all sexually violated Catholics.  Cardinal Egan and Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have refused to receive personally any of the abused.  Pastor Crea’s letters to both popes, along with Congressman Charles B. Rangel’s letter to John Paul II, never received any “respect of a reply” to his being rape and the stigma, suffering and ‘silencing of the lambs.’  Sentencing is November 21.    





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1 November 2007 – Feast of ALL Saints – 37th Anniversary of Fortunata Celeste Crea’s ‘Birth Into Eternity’

Trick or Truth:  Split Decision Gives Pastor Prison As Cardinal Covers-Up

[continued/revised 11/03/07]

In response to yesterday's All Hallow Eve's split- decision of not guilty of trespassing and guilty of disrupting a religious service at St. Patrick's Cathedral on April 3, 2007, One World Life Systems, Founder & Pastor, Michael Vincent Crea releases the following preliminary response to be followed by further 'LOVE actions,' until the time of his sentencing and possible one year [1-year] imprisonment on Wednesday, November 21, 2007:



In the same Spirit and expression of epikeia of my loving action and prayer for the People of God and worldwide public to ask Cardinal Egan to be true to his own motto "In the Holiness of Truth" by investigating my own being raped in the NY Archdiocese's St. Joseph Seminary, Yonkers, I shall continue to work for full disclosure and the Freedom of  living one's faith, despite of denials and trickery of the divine Truth by delinquent, false teachers.  [cf. Matthew 23.1-39] 

Forgiveness offered by myself, a sexually violated member of the faithful, neither excuses the addictions, denials, reticence     or covering-up by Cardinal Egan and NY Archdiocesan and Vatican authorities nor does my own already forgiving them begin any reconciliation until they admit, face-to-face to ALL sexually violated persons, the veracity of the domestic violence permitted, suffered and covered-up in the households of God by legal trickery, rather than the simple Justice of "living the Truth with Love." [Ephesians 4.15-16; cf. 4.1-32; 1Corinthians 6.1-11]  

Like the witnesses of saints Peter or Paul or Stephen; Mahatma Gandhi or Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Maximilian Kolbe or Simon Wiesenthal; Rosa Parks or Caesar Chavez or Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcolm X; Charles Lwanga and Companions in Uganda or Thomas More in England or Robert Emmitt in Ireland, some resulting in imprisonment and for some death, that while I accept the verdict of the jury, I embrace the veracity of my loving action and 'incurable wounds' of the sexually violated worldwide, to have acted accordingly with right reason against wicked law and worship. 

I shall continue steadfastly to strive in long-suffering for the veracity of all right action for the rights, recognition, reception, reparation and revitalization of all persons in all public and private jurisdictions to establish, to protect and to provide "Liberty and Justice for ALL," founded on that "Truth that sets us, ALL, free." [John 8.31-32, cf. 8.1-59; Matt. 23.1-39; John 10.11, cf. 10.1-42; Ps.119.68, cf. 119.1-176; Ps. 136 & Ps. 137; John 2.13-25]

The silence of Cardinal Egan, Archdiocesan and Vatican authorities, as well, as the overall 'sensus fidelium,' the sense of      the faithful, has forfeited in fear, thus far, innumerable times to give the Samaritan's 'love response.'  In respect for the raped and sexually violated, like myself, I shall not accept any penalty participating in, supporting of or serving further, a 'criminals' justice' system, whereby sexual violators and their protectors walk freely, offering fraudulent gifts to God, while "handing sons and daughters asking for a piece of bread or fish, stones and snakes," instead.  [cf. Matthew 7.7-12; Luke 10.25-37]  

I shall not give a cent or a scintilla of a second of service to a system that treats myself and others, as second-class citizens and denies one due process, while sitting under signs stating "In God We Trust," yet denying, ignoring and covering-up the Truth.

As in letters written to Paulist President John Duffy, C.S.P., who had me arrested on November 3, 2002 only to have another Manhattan DA respect my 1st Amendment rights by dropping all charges, as well, as letters to both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, I am and shall remain "Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity," still steadfast in Spirit and in Truth:

"Since we have this ministry through the mercy shown us, we are not discouraged.  Rather, we have renounced shameful, hidden things; not acting deceitfully or falsifying the word of God, but rather by the open declaration of Truth we commend ourselves to everyone's conscience in the sight of God," [2 Corinthians 4.1-2].

Now, as on April 3, and forevermore, I pray for the grace and peace of my pastoral calling in living and witnessing,  as in the words and spirituality of the Paulist Fathers' founder, Issac Thomas Hecker: 

"I would rather suffer the excesses of Liberty than the arbitrary decisions of Tyranny."

On this 1 November 2007, the Feast of All Saints, in the 16th year, 10th month and 12th day of my pro bono One World Life Systems, "Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity, I am

Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth, "Servus Servi Servorum Dei," 




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